Whether you are looking for high resolution and fully customizable illustrations for your New York Times best seller, animated characters for your cutting-edge ebook, or simply a customized character for your print ad or social media profile…YOU ARE AT THE RIGHT PLACE!
  • 1: Customize. Customize.

    Tired of searching through expensive stock photography and clip art libraries that do not offer the ability for you to customize your character’s looks, emotions, and actions? 3DiLLUSTRATOR allows you to select from a number of high-resolution, 3D characters, and then customize until your heart’s content! Everything from eye, skin, and hair color, to hair style, outfit, accessories, facial expressions, and actions…IT’S CUSTOMIZATION AT ITS FINEST!
  • 2: Activity. Emotion.

    Want the ability to use the same custom character throughout your book, engaged in a variety of activities and displaying a range of emotions and facial expressions? 3DiLLUSTRATOR helps bring your character to life so you don’t have to rely on expensive artists and limited clip art and stock photography when you illustrate your masterpiece.
  • 3: Spin. Tilt.

    Find that perfect camera angle and zoom level for your character! 3DiLLUSTRATOR allows you to zoom in and out, spin left and right, and tilt up and down until you find that perfect angle!
  • 4: Animation. Animation.

    If an ebook is where your custom character will land, 3DiLLUSTRATOR enables you to select from a variety of facial and full-body animations, such as: kissing, winking, walking, running, and dancing!!!
  • 5: download. download.

    Download your illustration in a resolution size that is perfect for your masterpiece, and become one step closer to a true work of art! 3DiLLUSTRATOR offers four different high resolution sizes. Images come standard in PNG format with a transparent background. Animations are downloaded in .m4v format and are designed to be played in your ebook as a looped animation.
  • Talk to Us.

    Whether you are an aspiring author or an online book creation site, drop us a note…WE’D LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU!